Accessibility in public places has become one of today’s important issues. Restaurants, shopping malls, museums, hotels, and amusement parks are some of the public places that can compromise accessibility to people who are not good at walking short distances.

Many people suffering from health restrictions but still want to be mobile during their free time need help. And the best help is from transfer chairs.

A chair on castors is another term used for transfer chairs. It is seen as the right mobile chair for people that are not totally dependent on a wheelchair but suffer from the following health issues, including:

  • Suffer from heat-induced circulation issues
  • Sports injuries
  • Short-term support after an operation
  • Pregnant


Major Benefits of Transfer Chairs


Transfer chairs offer an excellent alternative for people who are not entirely dependent on using wheelchairs. The major benefits provided by transfer chairs include:

Excellent stability

Tipping over when quickly getting out of the chair is a real risk for people with compromised mobility. The design and materials of a good transfer chair ensure stability at all times. Getting out of the chair is not only easy; its stability ensures no untoward accidents.

Lightweight and transportable

Patients recuperating from a medical treatment or health problem that make them too fragile to walk benefit from using transfer chairs. The lightweight and transportable qualities of the chair allow easy transporting to and from home and health facilities. While transfer chairs need a caregiver to propel them, the lightweight material and design make it an easier task.

Cost-effective alternative

High-end products come with pricier tags. This is also true with transfer chairs. However, the price of an excellent transfer chair is still way below that of branded wheelchairs. Since the chairs are usually used for short-term purposes, many people opt to rent rather than purchase one.

However, rent expenses could quickly add up especially when the chair is used for longer periods. A one-time investment is the smartest way to take advantage of the great qualities of a good transfer chair. It can also be stored away and ready to render service when needed.

Easy to use

Transfer chairs are often referred to as the cheapest kind of wheelchair. Its portability makes it a perennial favourite among patients suffering from short-term medical conditions.

The portability and ease of use provided by the chair allow it to be used almost anywhere, from shopping malls to banks and more. Patients are allowed easy and trouble-free mobility using transfer chairs compared to the bulky size and heavyweight of wheelchairs.

Best for temporary medical situations

Transfer chairs offer the perfect solution in transporting people recovering from a medical procedure or illness or temporarily too weak to use a manual wheelchair or too weak to walk.

Standard wheelchair weight capacity

Patients weighing up to 300 pounds are easily transported by transfer chairs. Comfort is provided by either a swing-away or removable or one-piece solid footrest. A swing-away or removable footrest feature is useful when the chair needs to be folded during transport.

The power of a wheelchair with rollator portability aptly describes the lightweight mobility chair known as a transfer chair. Weighing a maximum of 20 pounds makes the transfer chairs lightweight and compact compared to any standard wheelchair.

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