Assosalute, the national association of self-medication drugs that is part of Federchimica, in view of the arrival of the first cold season, has developed a series of tips to avoid sore throats and colds. “This is one of the most delicate moments for our health. If the real flu has its peaks after a prolonged cold period, then, indicatively from the end of December, this first lowering of temperatures and the jumps between hot and cold favor the spread of parainfluenza viruses,

capable of attacking our respiratory system, resulting in colds, sore throats and gastrointestinal symptoms “, says Fabrizio Pregliasco, virologist and researcher at the Department of Biomedical Sciences for Health University of Milan and IRCCS health director Galeazzi Orthopedic Institute.

real flu is in line with the forecasts that around 6 million Italians will be affected by the flu and 8 million will be infected by parainfluenza viruses”, adds Pregliasco. It is good, therefore, to adopt some common sense devices.

“A simple and valid advice for avoiding sore throats and colds is certainly that of always protecting the throat and nose when outside, especially in the event of temperature changes, and in hot-humid and crowded places, such as shops, clubs and public transportation, remember to wash your hands frequently and dress in onion, to adapt quickly to sudden changes in temperature “, continues Pregliasco.