A Diploma of Screen and Media and Beauty Therapy

A diploma of screen and media and beauty therapy can help you gain the skills and knowledge necessary for a successful career in the beauty industry. This diploma is offered by Demi International and provides a pathway to higher education degrees. The course includes all aspects of beauty therapy, from the basics of the skin to advanced skills.


Those who want to pursue a career in the screen and media industry may be interested in studying for Accreditation in Screen and Media and Beauty Therapy. These courses are designed to equip students with practical knowledge and essential responsibilities, including safety and hygiene practices. They also teach students how to handle clients and provide excellent customer service. Depending on the school, students can also apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), which considers their prior experience and knowledge as relevant to the program. This could include volunteer work or life experience.

This program is internationally recognized by CIDESCO. It is a major beauty therapy association based in Zurich, Switzerland. Since its founding in 1946, CIDESCO has set standards for beauty therapy professionals in 44 countries and organises annual international congresses.

Course content

A Brisbane screen and media course is a qualification that combines theoretical knowledge with a range of specialised technical skills. This course also emphasises the importance of collaboration, teamwork, and professionalism. This qualification can lead to a variety of career options for graduates. The course covers a range of subjects from film to television.

This course consists of 15 units of study. The course requires students to attend school two days per week for a total of 42 weeks. This course also includes on-line study and assignments. The total cost of the course is $684. The course is split into two intakes, with week-long breaks in between terms and at Christmas.

Career paths after completing the diploma

After completing a diploma of screen and media and beauty therapy, you can pursue a number of exciting career paths. These can range from working in a beauty salon to starting your own business. Some of these jobs are flexible, while others can involve working behind the scenes at television studios.

A diploma in screen and media and beauty therapy teaches you the practical skills necessary for success in this industry. It covers 19 units and can be studied full-time or part-time. You’ll learn camera operations, lighting and sound recording, and you’ll also learn how to design a short screen production. These skills are transferable, so you can work in a variety of settings.

Course provider

Obtaining a Diploma in Screen and Media is a fantastic way to turn your dreams into a reality. Not only can this course give you an insight into the world of beauty, but it will also open doors to careers in the cruise ship industry, the beauty industry, and in other industries. This course is nationally accredited and delivered by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). Each RTO offers different types of funding for students, and students can use this funding to reduce the cost of their course and speed up their study.

To complete this course, you will attend face-to-face classes for two days a week for 42 weeks. You will also be required to complete off-campus learning activities, such as homework and assessment preparation. In total, there are 26 units, making this diploma one of the most affordable beauty therapy programs available. The course fee is inclusive of all materials, supplies, and equipment needed for the course.