Doctors treat hundreds of patients in their medical career but often they encounter a series of patients who come up to them with self treated problems. Now this may be a speciality but the doctors are there to treat the patients. Hence there are a couple of things that the endocrinologist adelaide wish that their patients would know before they paid their visit. Your family doctor can treat you but coming to pay a visit with a few of the things in mind can help you get treated efficiently.


When a patient tells their doctor they had a certain small pill, the doctor will not be able to identify the pill because even if they have studied the pills, there are hundreds of different small pills in the world. Even with the name of medicated pills known, the doctor requires you to know what kind of pills you have been taking and for how many hours. This will only help your treatment be accurate.

Do not get treated by google

The internet is a great source to get information about various aspects of the world, even to assess diseases and their symptoms. But it is not accurate or authenticated by any such source because having abdominal pain does not necessarily mean you have cancer. The physician you seek will be experienced and can offer you with the proper diagnosis through calculated logistics.

Be honest

Physicians prefer if you are being honest with them. If you are an alcohol user or a drug addict, they will like to know to help you get treated accordingly. Lying to your doctors only creates problems for you because then the doctors rule out what could possibly be the root of the problem.

Doctors are busy

If the doctors are running late, it is not because they are delaying you on purpose. They care about you and your problems. It is because they have various other patients on hold to whom they would like to give as much time as they can. Moreover, they have stacks of paperwork that need to be filled by none other than the physician himself which is why they might be cutting the appointments.

Follow their advice

The doctors give you the advice that will help you get treated efficiently. The advice is there to be followed not to be ignored. Patients often come unhappy in their next visits because their condition is not cured. It could be because you did not follow the advice or take the medications the doctor prescribed. The doctor does not have magical hands, he has experienced knowledge that you are ignoring and it could be the potential cure for your treatment.